Python LogoPython is a computer programming language that is easy to learn and fun to program in. It is an ideal teaching language because it eliminates many tedious aspects of common in other languages like C and Java. This allows the student to focus on the larger concepts and to go farther without the burden of learning a lot of intricate syntax. Stratolab used Python to teach video game programming to middle school and high school students in New York.

There are many educational projects using Python. RUR-PLE teaches basic programming concepts like commands and loops. Crunchy is an interesting tutorial on programming where you practice within the website itself. The OLPC XO Laptop and its Sugar Learning Platform uses Python as the standard language for writing applications.

Python is not just for amateurs however. It is used widely at companies like Google, NASA, and Industrial Light and Magic. Eric Raymond, a renown programmer stated, “Python is the most effective (computer language) for translating pure thought into action.”

Python can be downloaded for free at

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