Learning Games

Electropocalypse is our puzzle game for learning electricity. People often ask what are some other learning games. Here’s a list:

Go Extinct! — A card game that teaches evolution

Counting Kingdom — A puzzle game. You need to find combinations of numbers that add up to N. A straightforward mechanic but very satisfying to play.

Motion Math — Great math games for iOS.

World of Goo — A physics/construction game

Fantastic Contraption — A physics/mechanics game

The Incredible Machine — A marvelous DOS game that teaches how simple machines and circuits work. This was a big inspiration for Electropocalypse.

Rockys Boots — A fantastic old Apple ][ game that teaches the basics of logic circuits. Another inspiration for Electropocalypse.

2 thoughts on “Learning Games

  1. Winston


    I have not tried that game. I’ll add it to my list. Thanks for the tip.

    What did you like about it?


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