4 thoughts on “Klish

  1. Ro

    I met you guys at the jam, I am a friend of Karen Schrier. So nice to see the final piece.
    Very beautiful.

  2. winstonw Post author

    This is the final version we submitted at the game contest, but we started working on another version that was going to be even better. We had ideas about relating it to microbiology, DNA, and microbial life. We also improved the controls and refined it a bit, but we ran out of steam. Maybe someday…


  3. Kyle

    Hello, I just played the game, and it is very good.
    I was just wondering if you would be willing to post the source code. Also, I found this while looking for MakeBot, where is that?

  4. admin

    Hi Kyle-

    Regarding the source for Klish, I was collaborating with some others so I have to ask them first.

    Regarding MakeBot, it was too old so I took it down. But MakeBot was basically a Python version of Processing’s GUI and API. So you should look at Processing.org and its variants such as PyProcessing and Processing.js. They are just as good as MakeBot was, and better supported.


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