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Musical Robot at DorkBotI went to my first meeting of dorkbot on Wednesday. Dorkbot has a great motto: “people doing strange things with electricity.” Who can resist the temptation of such an intriguing description? Dorkbot is a series of monthly meetings where a few people demonstrate their inventions and take questions. My favorite was Bret Doar demonstrating some rickety devices constructed from old bicycle wheels that produce erie space-age music/noise. Jon Lippincott’s algorithmically generated virtual solar system and David Kareve’s horrified robot art were also fascinating.

The best thing about the dorkbot meeting was the exhilaration of imagining what can be made out of garbage—old bicycle wheels, motors from broken printers and fax machines—if only you have time time and ingenuity to do it. I’d like to make a course for just this sort of creativity—robotic sculpture out of household junk. I wonder if people would be interested.

Summer Camp July 10 – 14 — Advanced Video Game Programming

By popular request, we are adding one additional summer day-camp for Video Game Programming for Kids. This will be an advanced session for students who have already taken our at least one LRY course, or have some previous programming experience. The camp will be Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm, for one week. That’s 30 hours of heavy-duty game building fun. Contact us to register.

Courses at the Lab School in Chelsea

 The Lab School‘s Parent’s Association is now hosting my Video Game Programming for Kids course after school. Apparently there was a lot of demand for the course — Ms. Cohen-Wolf said kids have been asking for something like this for years. We even bought three extra laptops so we could fit in all the students who wanted to take the course. Even so, there might be a few students we have to unfortunately turn down. I’m glad I could fill a need.

I have to say it’s been a pleasure working with capable and professional people at the Lab School and their Parent’s Association. When there is a problem, the Parent’s Association’s Ms. Cohen-Wolf (no relation) tackles it with vigor and solves it neatly and quickly. A genuine joy. I’ve also met Marilyn Costen, the parent coordinator at the Lab School and she is equally impressive with how she cares for student like they were her own.

Books of Wonder

I am very excited to work with Books of Wonder to give a new course on creative writing. Starting this fall, I will be giving demonstrations and classes at Books of Wonder in Interactive Fiction. Their reading room is very comfortable, and the Cupcake Cafe is right there to feed brains hard at work creating masterpieces. Plus I just like the idea of giving courses in a book store. It’s a more pleasant place to learn than behind tiny metal desks.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a good one for us. We are excited to teach the robotics course at the American Natural History Museum here in New York. We assisted last spring, and now we will be giving the course this summer.

In the meantime, for Spring 2006 we are enrolling students for our game programming course, Video Game Programming for Kids. Times and location have not yet been determined, and will depend on who signs up. Let us know if you are interested.