About Stratolab

Electro•pocalypse – A Game about Electricity

Electropocalypse-logoWe are delighted by the reception our latest project is receiving in our play test sessions. People really dig into the puzzles—we have to pry their fingers off the mouse. Read all about it.

What people say about Electro•pocalypse:

“It’s great! I don’t know much about electrical engineering so I’m learning a bunch. After racing through the first few lessons I’m finding that I really have to think about the problems. … My inner ten year old was awakened…” — James Brennan

“Nice to see blowing things up directly correlated to science!” — Gregory Lund

“It’s a real contribution when you make something like this. Eventually, a large part of education should look something like Electro•pocalypse.” — Nick Palevsky


What is Stratolab?

Stratolab develops educational software. Stratolab focuses on constructivist software and video games—learning new skills by creating things. We develop in-house games, and are also available for contract to build a serious games to promote your cause. We occasionally teach courses to kids in the San Francisco area.