Joe Renzulli’s Three-Ring Concept of Giftedness

I’ve been reading a bit about Joe Renzulli and I like his Three Ring concept of Giftedness. According to Renzulli, there are three important factors for the development of gifted behaviour: Above average ability, creativity, and task commitment.

Joe Renzulli's Three Ring Concept of Giftedness

Renzulli defines Creativity as the fluency, flexibility, and originality of thought, an openness to experience, sensitivity to stimulations, and a willingness to take risks. Task Committment is motivation turned into action (like perseverance, endurance, hard work, but also self-confidence, perceptiveness and a special fascination with a special subject). Renzulli argues that without task commitment high achievement is simply not possible.

I like how he has identified these three aspects. One thing I wonder about though, is ability innate or is it learned? I like to think that almost anybody can learn to do almost anything, if they have the perseverance.

One thought on “Joe Renzulli’s Three-Ring Concept of Giftedness

  1. Betatester

    As a child, the one that is gifted has to have a loving, same gender parent (or a person of the same gender, to look to who shows interest and or favorability to the child). The child will not develop self-confidence if s/he is constantly ridiculed for being ‘different’ by a parent type person.

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