“It was just incredible trying to make a guitar out of an Altoids box.”

Dear Winston, Maggie and Logan,

Thanks for warmly welcoming me into the atmosphere of Stratolab. I really enjoyed the four classes I was enrolled in. All four classes: DIY Electronics, Robotics, Electronic Music and Animation were all remarkable and entertaining.

DIY Electronics was one of my favorite classes. It was just incredible trying to make a guitar out of an Altoids box. I was appalled to find that when the guitar was completed, it sounded like a legitimate electric guitar! This made me imagine about what other things I could make out of everyday matter. Next time I will attempt to make a violin!

I also enjoyed building robots out of legos and programming them to actually move. Just building them and seeing them successfully complete the challenges made me feel satisfied and proud of what I’ve accomplished. Gears were a big part of the robots. It was interesting to learn which set of gears you use for speed and which sets to use for power. The knowledge about gears and how to use them properly can come in handy in the future.

All of these classes were well planned out and fun to participate in. It’s a good thing Winston gave me a postcard when I was coming back from school. I would have never found out about this spectacular camp without it!


Kyle L., Queens
Student, Age 13

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