Two new Workshops for Summer

For summer 2008, our innovative ensemble of instructors have devised two new courses for the summer. Also we will continue our StratoLounge experiment on weekday afternoons starting the second week of July. For details, see the Courses page.

Comic Storytelling and Animation covers two subjects: the six C’s of comic storytelling, and stop motion animation. The Six C’s of Comic Book Storytelling – the greatest heroes and the vilest villians come together in your own professionally plotted graphic novel. Stop Motion Animation – bring to life your favorite action figures and inanimate objects with voices and sounds effects in this all fun, all action, stop motion animation class.

Electronic Music and Devices covers two subjects: electronic music and Do-It-Yourself electronics. Electronic Music – Compose songs and soundscapes, learn arrangement, production, and special effects. DIY Electronics – One person’s trash is another person’s portable stereo system. Build headphones and other musical gadgets out of things commonly found in the recycling bin!

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