“You guys are having an impact.”

Subject: You guys are having an impact.

Hey Winston & Sebastian,

I wanted to share with you that Franklin shared with me a pearl of wisdom that you passed on to him, Sebastian. I was commiserating with Franklin about the writing process and congratulating him on finishing something that was hard to start. I told him that I was having the same fear of the blank page (and fear of starting because you want it to be perfect and you’re afraid it will not be so you can’t even start) but that I was just gonna push on and write whatever came to mind, no matter how bad it turned out to be. Franklin said that was a good idea because Sebastian told him that “90 percent of what you start out using you end up revising or throwing away” after the editing process.

Wise advice from a smart guy. You guys are the best and my kid loves your class.

Pascale N.

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