Courses at the Lab School in Chelsea

 The Lab School‘s Parent’s Association is now hosting my Video Game Programming for Kids course after school. Apparently there was a lot of demand for the course — Ms. Cohen-Wolf said kids have been asking for something like this for years. We even bought three extra laptops so we could fit in all the students who wanted to take the course. Even so, there might be a few students we have to unfortunately turn down. I’m glad I could fill a need.

I have to say it’s been a pleasure working with capable and professional people at the Lab School and their Parent’s Association. When there is a problem, the Parent’s Association’s Ms. Cohen-Wolf (no relation) tackles it with vigor and solves it neatly and quickly. A genuine joy. I’ve also met Marilyn Costen, the parent coordinator at the Lab School and she is equally impressive with how she cares for student like they were her own.

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