Electropocalypse-logoElectro•pocalypse, a game about electricity. Most of us take electronics for granted, but the inner working of circuits is an exciting and mysterious world. In Electropocalypse you learn the magic of circuit design through one of everyone’s favorite activities: blowing stuff up!

In Electro•pocalypse, you are apprentice to the world famous Professor Tesla. You dream of mastering electricity but you usually find yourself melting your projects in a plume of smoke. A strange disturbance causes everybody to forget everything about electricity, except you. You are humanity’s only hope to solve this mystery, fixing circuits along the way. You will need to defuse bomb circuits, build Professor Tesla’s super weapon, and save your city from chaos and destruction.

Electro•pocalypse is a puzzle game where each puzzle is a circuit that needs to be fixed or altered. The circuits are “live” so you must be careful—wire something the wrong way and everything blows up in a shower of sparks. Although it’s kinda fun to blow up your circuits and see all the pretty lights, this is not just pyromaniacal entertainment—to build safe and reliable circuits, every engineer must understand where the limits are. And what better way to find them than to cross them!

This first chapter in Electro•pocalypse covers: switches, current and voltage, resistors, using voltmeters and ammeters, series vs. parallel circuits, polarity, and Ohms law.

For ages: 10 – 100.



System Requirements

  • You must have an internet connection during the game so it can talk to the circuit analyzer.
  • MacOS X: You must have  MacOS X 10.6 or later
  • Windows: A graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0 or later

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2 Responses to “Electro•pocalypse”

  1. Davis says:

    This sounds awesome! I’m a big kid and have always wanted to understand electronics, which are a mystery to me. I think I’ll have my daughter help me out too!
    Thanks Stratolab!

  2. […] Winston Wolf and Josh Herbert came up from San Francisco to demo their video game Demolition (working title), a puzzle game that teaches the basics of building circuits. One thing I really liked was that one of the goals was to push the components to their limits and make them explode (hence the title). Not only is it fun to make things explode, but as Wolf put it, one of the best ways to learn is to push things too far. The team hopes to finish by November, but you can download the working demo version at straolab.com/demolition. […]

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